About the creators

We’re just this couple, you know? We have a dream to bring this goofy, quirky game into the world.

David, a full-time illustrator, designed the look of the game and illustrated the many pants you see on the cards. Jenni helped engineer game play and did all the complicated math that goes along with great, playable game design.

In our family of five, we’ve played tons of card games. We love ’em. We’ve talked about creating a game of our own for years, something both our teens and toddler would love.

A while back, David doodled a page full of pants:

©2011 Sparky Firepants

Not long after, lightning struck David’s brain (he’s fine). Why not build a game around a wardrobe of silly pants?

A notion turned to crudely printed cards, which turned to a prototype, and that evolved into testing with real families (the wax families didn’t give feedback).

Here we are! Pants! is our dream realized. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you!


David and Jenni Billings

sparky [at] sparkyfirepants.com